16 week long course

This intensive course is intended for those looking to further develop their skill level and explore their creativity. Suitable for potential career changers or those wishing to rapidly progress their making ability.

During the first 8 weeks, students will work through my school projects designed to steadily increase accuracy and skill levels. All students begin with sharpening and tuning your basic set of chisels and planes. It is essential that your tools perform to their full potential before any making can commence. Only when your tools are true and you have gained the necessary skills to produce and maintain razor-sharp cutting edges do we move on to the projects.

Measuring and marking accurately are fundamental; the first two projects are designed specifically to address this. Once mastered, these core skills will enable students to confidently tackle the more challenging projects and repeatedly produce crisp, accurate work.

On completion of the initial 8 week block, students then have the opportunity to explore their creativity. The remainder of the course is dedicated to producing pieces to your own design.

With my career spent in creative industries and having made bespoke furniture to commission for over 10 years, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience to help you achieve your potential.

cost £8000

Includes all materials used on school projects, students will need to budget for materials used on own projects.