suggested tool kit

These tools form a good starting point. Please call me for advice if you are unsure about a purchase or the suitablity of a second hand tool.


Bench plane no. 5 1/2 Jack plane
Blockplane low angle with an adjustable mouth
Chisels set of five or six bevel edged bench chisels
Dovetail saw either western or Japanese
Tenon / carcass saw rip cut, either western or Japanese
Piercing or Jewellers saw adjustable and with a throat of at least 100mm
Mallet small mallet suitable for cabinet work not carpentry or joinery, typically around 14oz
Straight edge 1000mm long, steel not aluminium
Scalpel Swann Morton no.3 handle with 10A blades
Engineers square steel, either 75mm or 100mm
Dovetail square 1:8
45 degree mitre square steel, Japanese combined try and mitre squares perform well
Sliding bevel gauge Japanese ‘shinwa’ perform well
Steel rules ideally 150mm, 300mm, 600mm, and 1000mm
Marking / cutting gauges ideally two, the wheel types perform well, alternatively choose two wooden cutting gauges
Calipers Vernier style, either dial or digital
Combination waterstone 1000 / 6000 grit or similar
Float glass non toughened ideally 15mm thick and approximately 600mm x 300mm